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What's up with COVID19?

We know safety is your number one concern while traveling far from home and we share that same concern. Here's what Dreamcatcher Expeditions is doing to plan and execute responsible tourism experiences to all of our destinations.

First off, since the start of the pandemic in late 2019, we've had to postpone our slate of expeditions. It's very difficult to cancel established plans. We never rush these decisions and always place the safety of our clients first and we're confident of the decisions we've taken.

Gaby's last expedition to Myanmar concluded on New Years Day 2020 and since then we've been closely following travel restrictions, quarantines, airline flight status, vaccination roll-outs and bio-security best practices around the world in order to assess how quickly we can return to business.

We're also reaching out to our in-country representatives and partners to discuss travel safety measures that are and will be adopted. All of the steps that are being implemented will be clearly communicated before you book your experience with us.

So how fast will things get back to normal?

Sadly, like everyone else, we don't have a crystal ball but we are certainly hopeful that we will be able to run expeditions as early as the second half of 2021 and be back in full swing come 2022.

If you're not yet following us on social media, please do, click on the links below and you'll be the first to know when we have updated news on upcoming expeditions.

Until then, please stay safe, take care of your loved ones, wear a mask, wash your hands and maintain social distance. We're all in this together!

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