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Sunrise over Mountains

General Terms and Conditions

The following 10 points cover key information to consider when booking your upcoming expedition with us, please read them carefully and do not hesitate to contact us with any of your questions:

1. Itineraries may be subject to change at any time, even after issue, due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control. This includes travel, accommodation, and activities. Rest assured that we will make every effort to operate our itineraries as planned.

2. We reserve the right to make alterations to and / or withdraw an expedition or any part of it as is deemed necessary, and to pass on any expenditures or losses caused by delays or events beyond our control. In case of any variation in pricing due to these circumstances, we reserve the right to make any adjustments to the itinerary of the expedition costs as necessary.

3. We reserve the right to cancel a booking if such cancellation is deemed to be necessary and in the interest of Dreamcatcher Expeditions. The cancellation shall be made against a full refund of all and any monies paid in respect of such booking.

4. The guest has an obligation to, prior to travel, procure travel insurance sufficient to meet all medical expenses and related costs that may be incurred should a guest require medical assistance, including international emergency evacuation, when traveling with us.

5.  In the event of cancellation of a booking, we shall be entitled to retain such portion of the booking as follows:

  • Deposit fee is non-refundable; however, it may be used for any of our expeditions within 1 (one) calendar year from the planned start of your booked expedition.

  • Between your confirmation and 61 days prior to arrival: 50% of the total booking value.

  • Between 60 days and arrival, 100% of total booking value.


Please note that some trip additions/extensions may have more restrictive cancellation policies, which will be clearly stated in the trip itinerary.

6.  Payment can be done via electronic fund transfer into the bank account(s) we provide at time of confirmation or via check (only from a United States/Canadian bank) sent to our offices and addressed to: Dreamcatcher Expeditions.

7.  We receive payment in single currency namely United States Dollars (USD). Any bank fees related to sending the corresponding wire transfer must be covered by the guest.

8.  Prior to your trip we will send through a Liability Waiver for you to read and sign. Please note that the timely completion of this document is a prerequisite for your travel.

9. We understand that your personal information is important to you, and we take your privacy seriously. We collect and use personal information only for the purpose of providing our travel services and for internal business purposes, such as improving our products and services. We want you to have a clear understanding as to the type of personal information we may collect and process when engaging with us.

By engaging with Dreamcatcher Expeditions via electronic mail, using our website/digital platforms, or accessing and using our services you acknowledge that you consent to the collecting and processing of your personal information.

Personal information may be collected either through or by electronic means, which includes, without limitation, the use of our websites, social media platforms, email, text, voice, sound or images, or through non-electronic means which includes, without limitation, the capturing of personal information.

If you do not wish to consent to the processing of your personal information, or no longer want us to continue processing your personal information in accordance with this policy, you are kindly requested to indicate same by notifying us:

10. Should you wish to subscribe to our newsletter, we will, from time to time, send you promotional emails about Dreamcatcher Expeditions special offers or other information using the email address which you have provided.

While we love to keep in touch with you to share news and updates about our trips, we do not contact our guests via emails or sms/text for marketing purposes unless you have provided us with your consent to do so. Such engagement will be limited, relevant and of interest to you as our guest.

Please note that you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time by selecting the unsubscribe link at the bottom of every newsletter email you receive from us or by sending a message to


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