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"Fifteen people including seven kids and eight adults planning a trip to Kenya...sounds crazy! But with Gaby as our organizer and guide it was truly the perfect trip! She was very knowledgeable and just a wonderful person! We always felt safe and comfortable with her as our leader. It was fun and relaxing at the same time because she took care of every detail so that we didn't have to. Thank you Gaby for a truly 10/10, 5 star, unforgettable adventure! Can't wait for the next trip with you!"

Andrea Lyonnais, USA.

"When the trip of your dreams becomes reality not only because you've reached the destination but also because you have the best group leader. Someone who within a few hours becomes your friend and someone you can fully trust. Thank you Gaby, none of this would have been possible without you. Thanks for all the unforgettable experiences that you organized for us. Your dedication, for being available 24/7, from the planning of the trip, to the time that we were there. I'm counting on you to make all of my travel dreams come true, you're the best!"

Carolina Hernandez, Colombia.


"Our trip was made extra special, awesome, fabulous, unforgettable with the help from this wonderful, special, awesome fabulous woman, Gabriela Ituarte with Dreamcatcher Expeditions. She has become a friend and a part of our family as we traveled around Kenya! She put together a fun itinerary that kept us busy with new things to see and do everyday. We can't thank her enough for a trip of a lifetime that none of us will forget! Thank you, thank you!"

Marilyn Angus Quinn, USA.

"Africa was a trip of a lifetime and a not-to-be-missed adventure opportunity! Dreamcatcher created a perfectly seamless experience. Our plans for transportation, accommodations, locations, safaris, and the best guides were chosen with care and with deep knowledge of the area. The beauty of Kenya has been planted in our hearts and we are so grateful to Dreamcatcher for making the dream a reality."

-Tom and Mary Wilson, USA

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