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Gabriela combines two of her biggest passions, her love for nature and thirst of discovery while leading Dreamcatcher expeditions.

Mexican by birth, she has lived in five continents (Canada, US, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, Cambodia, Australia & Kenia) and travelled extensively throughout the world.

She holds a degree in finance, Postgraduate degree in Hospitality Marketing, and is also a certified Montessori guide. She  specializes in organizing travels for families with kids, keeping everyone engaged from young children to older adults.

Gaby has led numerous tour groups in Africa, Asia and Latin America. She is eager to make other’s dreams come true while visiting some of the most beautiful places on Earth, she’s a seeker of moments that take your breath away.

Gaby is an avid trekker and loving mother of two daughters who are also enthusiastic travelers.

Gabriela Ituarte

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